Yes, great shots, quite the banter about it on Facebook. Thanks - Ed

Thank YOU for coming to our events and making us weekend warriors look good! - Todd


Good morning Leonard.  So glad to have you out on the course.  We appreciate the high quality photos.

Great! That photo I bought is probably one of the top 10 Cycling moments in the universe! Patrick is one of my best friends and we don't ride together often enough. 

Thanks for capturing that


Thank you for coming out and taking photos of the racers.  It's always nice to be able to purchase photos of the event.

Thank you Leonard! Hope you're having a great Spring going into Summer too. Team is having a great year - lots of fun and lots of races.... I know the team and all of us really appreciate all your work photographing the races!

Thanks for coming out and supporting the races! I'm always excited to check out the photos afterwards. Isabella 

Thank you for taking the time to take so many great pictures!  👍

Hey Leonard,

We are very grateful to have you out on the course at each of the races.  Your service is greatly appreciated.  And your work is always admired.


Thanks Leonard!

Thanks for coming out last weekend. You captured some great photos out there.


Hi Leonard,

Thanks for being there and taking such great photos!


Hi Leonard,

Thanks, and it's always good to see you out there!  Thanks for coming out and taking photos of us! See you next time.

Thanks Leonard!  I’ve got a lot of nice comments about your photo on Facebook. Nice work . - Kevin


Thanks for your good work.  It really creates some special memories for the team when you capture these moments.

Your photos are looking NICE! Great photography work. out there!

Thanks for braving the rain and cold to take pictures of a terrible cyclist off the back :)

Always appreciate your consistent high level of customer service and friendliness. One of the highlights of driving up north from Medford for OBRA races is knowing that there's a good chance you will be out there taking pictures of all of us spandex-clad folks. My family and friends love seeing the professional photos of me racing. Thank you for doing what you do.

Thank you!  The pix are great!!  Thanks for being out there in the elements!!!!  :-)

Thanks so much for the awesome pics!  So great to have you out shooting these events!

Yes, you certainly did make me look fast! I hope I helped a little, eh? Thanks again. I really do enjoy the photos.

Thanks for the note, Leonard. I was actually going to write to you to thank YOU for taking such amazing pictures. I recall seeing you on the course. In particular, I love to see photos from a time trial as it helps me to see how I maintain my aerodynamic position when I am working hard -- and not just posing.

Just a remind me to suck in my gut next time so I can order more photos. ;-p

Thanks Leonard. Good photo. That was my best race and I had a growl on to boot.  Cheers

Leonard, Nice photos! Thank you for showing up and taking them! Lots of funny looking helmets and bikes, right? Karla

Hey Leonard, the photos you captured are fantastic! The one where I am in the bars on the turn. I am debating whether to make into a large poster, it is that good!   Excellent work!   Joe

Thanks!!! the pictures are awesome!!!   Brianna

Thank you! You made me look much faster than I really was!

Great shots, esp. with our new kits! Thanks – C

We really appreciate the time you spend out capturing the moments. Thank you, Keith

Thank you Leonard. Your photos always jump off the screen when I look at them. Great day for photos last weekend too!  Paul

Beautiful! Thanks for taking the photos of Brian and I at the end of the night…they are great. I’ll be ordering some! Thanks!

Thanks for the shot, the lighting and background is amazing.  Kirk

Thanks! Your photos are wonderful. I appreciate you going out there and taking them for us!

That was a pretty sweet photo and is a good memory since I had a feeling I had won and was being playful with a little wheelie. Thanks!

Thanks for coming out and shooting pictures of all of us old guys Leonard!

Hi Leonard, I thought you took an excellent picture of not only me, but many of the other riders that day.  One of my pictures (attached for your reference) is quite good - clear and well focused but still giving a sense of motion and speed and yet also the proper distance away from me for the photo. 

Quite frankly this is the best picture of me on the bike I've ever seen - and I've seen a lot of them.  The photography at triathlon races I've done over the years - especially the bike leg photos - leave a lot to be desired.  I don't know if you work triathlon events but you probably should be.  I shared the photo with close family and friends and they agreed it was a excellent action photo.  Nice work. Thanks, Brett

I hope your around this week to snap some more shots.  The ones from last week were real pretty!  Kelsey

Btw, great job out there! I and a lot of others really appreciate all the work you put in at the races!

I just love the photo you got of me from Corn Cross last year.  Jill


I had an awesome time! It was my first TT! Thanks for the killer pix!! Couldn't have asked for better weather. Annick

Absolutely!  Thank you for braving the elements every weekend to showcase our silly, muddy antics!  Best, Ellene

Leonard,The photos you took are even more special considering we took 3rd. We had no expectations going into this -- we hadn't even had much time to practice! Superb photos as always!!  Mark

Hey, thank you taking such awesome photos! It's much appreciated. 

It was wonderful to meet you too Leonard. Your photos are wonderful, we were both so delighted to see the quality of your photos. We have never had an oportunity to see what we look like in a fast TT. We enjoy out time in southern Washington very much. The OBRA folks really know how to put on good bike events. We will look forward to seeing you again Leonard, Have a great day, Margareta