How do I find my photo?

            Photos for each event are arranged in chronological order, which simply means photos shot early in the day come before those taken later.

Can I hire you to photograph an event?

            Yes. I am often hired to shoot charity events, mud runs, adventure races, corporate team building events and festivals.

I can’t find my photo. Do you have some that are not on the website?

            I only put on the photos that I think look the best. I also try not to have too many pictures of the same person. If you can’t find what you are looking for, send me an email and tell me what race you were in and a complete description of what you were wearing and I will try to find it.

Do you have any photos from last year?

            Yes. You should be able to find them in Archived Photos. http://leonardjohnson.zenfolio.com/archived-racing-event-photos

How long do you keep photos?

            I don’t delete them, I keep all of my photos on remote hard drives.

I like a photo, but there is something in it that I want removed and I don’t have Photoshop. Can you do it for me?

            I usually can. Send me an email and tell me what you would like.

Can you do touchups or special effects of make a photo black and white?

            Yes, send me an email.

How much do you charge?

            I try to keep my fees reasonable. Send me an email ant tell me what you had in mind.

I did a race yesterday and I don’t see my photo on your website. How long until they are ready?

            I shoot photos one day and edit them the next. But, if I have another event to go to I may be delayed by a day or two.  As soon as I am done with the photos I upload them to my website.

I saw my photo on your website. Is it okay to put a link to that photo on my Facebook page?

            That is one of the most asked FAQ’s. The simple answer is yes, a lot of people do it and I am happy to have the exposure. But it sort of defeats the purpose of me going out to the races and shooting photos all day. If I can’t make enough to at least cover my expenses eventually I will find other events to go to and you won’t have any photos to link to.

What size download should I order?

High Res.      Most people purchase this size download if they will be using it for personal use only. You can produce high quality prints of any size up to 20”X 30” and even good quality large posters.  You can also use the image on your social media site, but you may need to resize it to a smaller size first. If you are going to use the photos for commercial purposes, such as a company website or advertisements you should order the High Res Commercial download.

Medium Res.          A few photos cannot be downloaded as high resolution because the original size is not large enough (probably because the photo has been cropped). This size will work well for smaller prints, such as 4”X6” and 5”X7” but might not produce quality prints in larger sizes.

Low Res.       This size is fine if you are not going to print the photo and just want it for your social media page or to send a photo to your mom’s Smartphone. If you are going to print the photo, you should order either the high or medium size download.

Full Size Commercial        This is a full-size high resolution download and is the size you should order if the photos will be used for commercial purposes, such as a website, advertisements or display in a business or office.


Can you explain about print size and cropping.


I crop most of the photos to emphasize the main subject and eliminate unwanted or distracting elements. They are usually cropped to maintain their original aspect ratio of 2X3 and can make prints of 4X6, 6X9, 8X12, 12X18, etc. without losing any part of the photo. If you order a print of a different aspect ratio, such as an 8X10 or a 5X7 you will need to crop it during the checkout process. The instructions on the website are pretty self-explanatory.  Just keep in mind that you will lose part of the image.  If you do not specify how you want your image cropped the lab will automatically center the photo and crop off the sides.

Sometimes I crop the photos to other aspect ratios. These sizes may be square (6X6, 12X12, etc.), 4X5 (also 8X10, 16X20) or a panoramic ratio of 6X12. It’s probably best to order prints of the same aspect ratio, but if feel free to try other sizes to see if they good to you.


If you would like the photo in its original size and ratio just send me an email at [email protected] and I will put it on the website so you can try different sizes to see which one you like the best.